Thursday, 1 March 2018

Magical Timing and Personal Synchronicity Rune Soup Interview

 My March 1st Rune Soup Interview 

I was very pleased to get a chance to talk with Gordon White again soon after my latest book was published.

We discuss its completion process which produced a number of powerful synchronicities and strange events indicative of the voltage running through the project.

The launch at the 2018 Glastonbury Occult Conference was packed full of weirdness that showed me my timing was perfect.

(These conferences are increasingly powerful events. Why not come along in 2019. I will be giving a presentation. Glastonbury Occult Conference 2019

This leads into the core of the conversation concerning how I have come to find my own way of stirring up the greater mystery of my life through playing games with its basic data; dates, anniversaries and so forth.

It's always a pleasure to chat with Gordon.