Saturday, 16 May 2020

Rune Soup Book Launch

My latest book was undoubtedly kick-started by my previous appearance on Rune Soup in Dec 2019. Very satisfying to effectively launch it from there now. Talked with Gordon yesterday, the 15th, 6 months on from the anniv of the Tor death of Abbot Whiting, the time when Boris was in the area and my brain went into overdrive. It's a satisfying cycle. And with the arrival of the book, all kinds of further weirdness has occurred featuring Jung and Robert Anton Wilson. I talk about it all here.

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

History and Myth now available

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(There's a good Look Inside sample there)

My new book is now available. The timing is very satisfying. It was 6 months ago this week that BoJo visited Wells on the exact anniversary of Glastonbury Abbey's Abbot Whiting’s trial there  and my brain went into a Henry VIII comparison.  The resulting brainstorm was seemingly finished twice before the eventual ending. I have 2 sections written during the lockdown and reflective of the Glastonbury depths stirred by this strange times. 

From the back cover:


The writings of historians reflect the trends of the times in which they were written. This in turn can make a difference to how a society understands itself and the events it experiences and the responses it makes to them.
Here is a Glastonbury-centred consideration of history from the perspectives of Arnold Toynbee and Titus Livius, of mystical experiences, cycles, portents, and of astrology.

The Oddity of British Prime Ministers.

The Great Conjunction Cycle 1284-1518-2020:
Capricorn Pan, Cronos Saturn, Pluto Hades.

Glastonbury Abbey.
Henry VIII, William Rufus, Edward I, Edward III, Richard III.
Richard Whiting, St Dunstan, Frederick Bligh Bond.

Joseph of Arimathea King Arthur, Virgin Mary, the Holy Grail.
Lord of Misrule, the Fisher King.

The Pursuit of the Millennium and Extinction Rebellion.
Book of Revelation template, Romance of the Golden Age,
 Age of the Holy Spirit.

Dissolution of the Monasteries, Pilgrimage of Grace, Peasant’s Revolt,
 Anabaptist Munster Rebellion, Gordon Riots, Brexit.

Glastonbury Plague Diary.
The Victoria Park Lughnasadh 2012 Olympic Caper:
 a Psychogeographical Feast.

Boris Johnson, Jan Bockelson, William Blake, James Joyce,
Joachim of Fiore, Frances Yates, Marsilio Ficino, Margaret Murray,
Albrecht Durer, Scipio Aemelianus, Marguerite Porete.

Buy the Book on Amazon UK 

Monday, 16 March 2020

UFOlogical Interview with Zelia Edgar on Just Another Tin Foil Hat

Great to have a UFOlogical chat with Zelia Edgar of Just Another Tin Foil Hat. We covered the psychic questing roots with the 1974 Aveley abduction and 1976 Sunderland family case that feature in my Avalonian Aeon and Atargatis. and expanded out from there. I felt nostalgic recalling how I got into the work of John Keel and Jacques Vallee when I was in my twenties and it’s very encouraging to see people like Zelia enthusiastically devouring the classic works and pondering the high strangeness conundrums.

Thursday, 5 March 2020

Crowley, Jung, Parsons, Gnostic Warrior Podcast

I very much enjoyed the recent opportunity to talk again about some of the core material in my book Aleister Crowley and the Aeon of Horus for the Gnostic Warrior podcast.

There are video lectures already posted of me talking about Jung’s mysterious Seven Sermons to the Dead episode, comparing it to Crowley’s reception of The Book of the Law.  My most viewed video dates from nearly five years ago and features my lecture on The Babalon Working at the Glastonbury Occult Conference.

Here I am talking about all of it together in the broad context of the idea of Gnostic revival and the conversation takes in aspects of our distinctly 2020 situation and what I’m up to at the moment so, even if you are familiar with the book and the videos relating to it, I’d like to think you might find this of interest.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Dion Fortune podcast inteview video

My book The Occult Battle of Britain was delivered to my home a year ago today. It’s excellent to note the symmetry of this video being posted in synch with that.

In the hours leading in the time of the full moon over the last weekend I had the chance to chat across the airwaves/ethers from Glastonbury to Steiner enthusiast Amanda Bradley in New Zealand.

We discussed the life and work of Dion Fortune. I lingered awhile on the big events of 1940 and how I made my own connections to them in the nineties. This included me discussing how the 1940 Glastonbury material was used by me on the night of Princess Diana’s funeral with the imagery adjusted for the occasion.

I also had a bit to say on Rudolf Steiner, his visit to Tintagel and Archangel Michael.

In conclusion I noted how intriguing it was to be making a Glastonbury New Zealand connection with such subject matter when Robert Felkin had launched a branch of the same magical order that Dion Fortune had joined in New Zealand.

Monday, 13 January 2020

Green Stone conference Michael Line video presentation

Here is a video of my presentation at the October 2019 Green Stone 40 conference.

The material is taken from my book The Michael Line, the Qabalah and the Tarot.

It deals with a leyline journey inspired by the potent ideas of landscape qabalah and tarot. These ideas were based on an earlier psychic questing episode from 1981 which is also explained here.

Monday, 23 December 2019

Boris Johnson Henry VIII Rune Soup Interview

It's been a wild ride in the UK. When Boris Johnson visited the town of Wells on the exact anniversary of the trial of Glastonbury Abbey's last Abbot there, the day before his horrific execution on Glastonbury Tor, my mind went into overdrive. Starting from a broad comparison between Boris and Henry VII, I found myself musing on all manner of things including Extinction Rebellion.

I'm grateful to Gordon White for giving me the opportunity to rapidly air this material.

The response has already been such that I am now fully engaged in writing a short book that I intend to manifest asap.