Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Circle of Perpetual Choirs Free Glastonbury lecture

Saturday March 2nd. Tor Sports and Leisure Centre, Street Road, Glastonbury, BA6 9EF

15:00 -16:00

Part of a weekend Glastonbury Mystic & Earth Spirit Fayre event that includes other free presentations.

According to Welsh Triads, Glastonbury was one of a group of sites where sacred chant was once continually intoned. Earth Mysteries visionary John Michell intuited a geometric relationship between the locations and went on to discuss a circle of perpetual choirs centred round White Leaved Oak in the Malvern Hills. I will discuss this idea in the full knowledge that it is historically very dubious but nonetheless possesses great power to move and inspire.
The material in this presentation will be included in my next book, Aquarian Phoenix. The above illustration by Yuri Leitch is just one example of the fine artwork that it will feature.